‘Discover AtlantASS’

Discover AtlantASS
Underwater Punk CD and Comic
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Belly Kids have teamed up with No Wave pranksters Talibam! and maestro trombonist Sam Kulik to put together a conceptual adventure into the bowels of the magical city of Atlantis. This is the bands latest record and is accompanied with a kick ass comic, drawn up by James Clapham. It has been described as a loopier Frank Zappa, a jazz opera, a swing punk play.

”Discover AtlantASS” tells the story of a young teen named Franklin who gets abducted to the undersea world of Atlantis by a laid-back revolutionary jazz fish named Stinge.  Together, they are ready to combat a disastrous oil spill which has nearly eradicated the vibrant community of poets, musicians, artists and fornicators who inhabit the undersea paradise.

James Clapham’s fishy denizens look like the refugees from a failed casting audition for SpongeBob SquarePants, inhabiting the oil-soaked world of Atlantis with an attitude of defiant hedonism in the face of environmental collapse. The comic follows the play perfectly, bringing to life the inhabitants of Atlantis – adding a goofy take on the even goofier tracks.

Release Date – March 17th

RRP – £9.99

MediaCD and Comic (Perfect Binding)
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