Talibam! Bio

Keyboardist Matt Mottel and drummer Kevin Shea make up  Talibam! They have relentlessly been putting out records since your Dad got his mojo back and the guys show no signs of stopping… consistently lauded for their creative output and with features in places like Vice Magazine, The Wire, Pitchfork and Tiny mixtapes the band are just about to release their 25th record with Belly Kids 

Talibam! have been variously described as “punk Coltrane” and “audio terrorism at its most playful”. They maybe known in some distant land for collaborating with the likes of Rhys Chatham, Peter Evans,  Richard Teitelbaum, Alan Wilkinson and In 2011, they spent the greater half of the year in residency at LMCC Swing Space in an abandoned underground bank vault on WALL ST, where they developed many projects for presentation, including this one, Discover AtlantASS.

copyright of Nathan Karuna

Now the duo are looking to move into rap, with the genesis of their No School Rap album ‘Puff up the Volume’. They gave the UK an exlusive last October! At The Macbeth, for No Dayze Festival. Since day one they have worked Internationally renowned labels; ESP DISK, Bo Weavil, Azul Discografica, Pendu, Gaffer, Belly Kids… you can expect more in 2012

For now order the new album and comic!