Queen Njinga Mbande

The intro to Jade Coles story of Queen Njinga Mbande. This is just part of a book which profiles the life of 9 key Women Rulers and sets the scene for what’s to come…

Queen Njinga Mbande was a natural born killer who was said to have been conceived on the battlefield. When she ruled, she had armies the size of small countries at her command. With her always was a crew of 60 men, this not including her 4 personal body guards. Before she went into battle he was known to eat the blood of slaves and once she’d won she would shower in her conquered enemies remains. So to be fair she was a pretty brutal woman.

A big issue for Njinga was the Portuguese. She has been fighting them for as long as she could remember. Portugal wanted the spoils of Njinga’s lands and to take the Mbundu people in as slaves. You could say Queen Njinga Mbande wasn’t down with that.