Flamingods! BK002

Sunny Psych on Cassette Tape
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FLAMINGODS are a five piece multi-instrumental experimental band described as ethnic pop, tribal and freaked folk. They use a number of percussion instruments collected during Kamal Rasool’s travels around places like Tanzania and the Amazon. It is amazingly rickety with all its edges showing.

Spirit Away Away by Belly Kids

This is Belly Kids second release! A 20 minute tape which comes with it’s own limited edition pull out zine!! Whilst stocks last!! Designed by London artist Thomas David Slater, the zine runs through some of the weirder laws of Aztec society! Thomas has also designed the Tape’s cover and we would like to say a special thank you to him –  for his awesome work and his patience.


“LB- The album itself is totally exotic, in the sense that it sounds like it’s from a sunny tropical island but the inhabitants are from a completely different planet. What inspired the sound?

KR- Ha, thanks, that’s an awesome description! I guess most of the songs are influenced by where i’ve been around the world, like tribes i met in the Amazon, or African street musicians. This is then linked to my large fascination with the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas and tribal or ritual music itself, which a lot of my songs are based on. The album was recorded in Winter, where i was kind of just wishing for the Sun to come out, so a lot of writing was done in my head, day dreaming. Oh also, me and 3 other band members used to live in Bahrain, which was a strange place in itself – i’m sure it had an influence one way or another.”