Divorce, foodie interview

Divorce are one of the greatest bands playing in the world right now. With releases on Optimo, Merok, Milk Records, Night School Records and Winning Sperm Party you could say that, at the very least, they’re a busy bunch. Here is an interview I did with VSO last month for Mint Magazine! Enjoy.

So for those who don’t know, you’re a bit of a foodie beast (hope I’m not outing you here) when and how do you think you got your passion for food? 

Think it came from having to do a bit of slave labour when I was a child. My Mum and Dad worked late and I used to have to make dinner, do the house work and all that shit before they got in or I’d get battered. The weekends were good because I was allowed to make fancier food like Chilli, Asian, Roasts etc. We had soup every day of the week it seemed, so I make a fucking killer home made soup – got that talent from my Mum, bless her wee dead soul.

What food do you like to cook? What’s the daily menu at mono looking like at the moment?

My 2 clichéd favs are Mexican and Japanese, still, I dabble in a bit of Greek, which I’ve picked up from my Lovely Greek lassie. Though she is still to show me the proper way to do a moussaka; maybe one day I’ll learn. Any type of seafood is always good, a while back I did an amazing crab salad with 2 fucking huge Scottish crabs. My bitch had to prepare them whilst I made vegan food for my day job. I got this frantic text from her saying she went to move them and they start clipping their pincers. Fishmonger didn’t say they were still alive! Still canny believe she managed to kill them, that’s one thing I couldn’t do – stab a crab.

Anyone else in Divorce big into food? Who would be the worst cook of you all?

Well Vickie is vegan so she loves her grub, she always brings a wee tupper of something tasty with her on tour. Jennie is the best stoner chef ever. Some of the shit she comes up with is motherfucking awesome yo! Andy’s having a wee rethink and introducing fresh soup into his diet of farmfoods ready meals and beer. He loves beer, fuck it, so do I… Beer, Boobs, Bass, Bikes, Burritos basically anything with a B.

You’ve been relentlessly on tour over the last year. Are you living off fast food or feasting from the hands of friendly punk cook promoters?

WEEELLL, normally places like Manchester, London, Brighton know you already, they are friends who put us on their DIY bills and they fucking rule with food. Pasta can be a shit, we do appreciate anything but word to promoters, pasta makes you bloat and get sleepy – not a good combo before you do a show. We tour ’cause we love it and we are poor, so even hummus and pitta is fucking sick. The less we spend on food, the more we spend on beer!

Seriously though, last October we went to Europe with our pals Stig Noise, that shit was off the hook. You get breakfast and dinner at most Euro gigs and man, the fucking squats and DIY folk – that’s where it’s at. I went to food heaven over there and didn’t spend a penny!

Been to any nice places on your travels? Anywhere worthy of a plug?

Germany, the whole lot of it. Go to Germany. So many squat venues and all run off people’s own back. You get donation door money, food and board, so fuckin’ cool.

The sun is out, summer is approaching, so I guess the obligatory question has to be what do you eat on a BBQ? 

A whole lamb! Head and all! With Slayer on the ghetto blaster!

For the vegans out there Halloumi and Red Pepper Skewers with oregano and lemon but nah, sorry but there’s not really a lot of vegan stuff I’ll do on a BBQ. I could but I kinda only wanna cook lamb so the vegans can bring a salad. Oh and you’re buying the beer.

I know I always ask but what would the dream line up of guests at a dinner party be (dead, alive, celeb, punk, whatever) and why?

My Mum ’cause she’s dead. My girlfriend ’cause she loves my cooking and she’s my fav person to cook for. Kathleen Hannah for the chat. Jared Warren from Big Business/Karp/Melvins ’cause he’s mi bass hero yo. Keex from Comanechi ’cause she’s my food homie and wife. Aids Wolf so they could do a gig after. Tim and Eric as that would be awesome, wouldn’t it? I’d get some cigarette juice in for that. Will Ferrel and John C Reilly for shits and giggles. Slayer? Slayer from 86 though. Stevie Nicks from 77 as long as she brought the cocaine. The Gossip cause I miss those fuckers. Shit, it’s getting a bit crowded up in here, might just leave it at that. Just the rest of Divorce as I reckon they would be into most of those folk as well. Oh, and maybe Kenny Powers, he’s fucking cool!

Could we get a recipe from you? Something we can make for a loved one tonight?

Well the weather is getting nice [It got bad again, I know] so some kind of seafood salad and nice prosecco to go with it. There’s your sexy loved one type of dinner. My friend sometimes get’s me scallops from Mallaig which are the best thing ever. Mmmhhhh… Normally I’d do that in an anchovy and lemon butter, really simple, throw in calamari as well. Serve with a big leafy salad, fresh parsley and sweet baby tomatoes, nothing crazy; it’s all about those scallops.