FAIR OHS – festive quizes

Christmas is always a dull affair in our house. My Grandmother out sleeping the dogs, Dad furiously meddling with some contraption, Mum watching quite possibly the worst TV ever commissioned (normally food based)… The only saving grace is the present opening and that only lasts for a brief hour. I asked Matt from FAIR OHS a few questions about how his holiday period has been going, see how it differed to mine

what presents did he get? What are his New Year resolutions? Well just read below and find out! Illustrations are by the ever amazing Sean Wars!!

What did you guys get for christmas? Best present you have ever, ever received?

I got a really awesome present – an MPK USB keyboard and a new mic for working on music at home. Also got some cool books and clothes, did pretty well this year! The Best present I ever received was probably the original 8 bit NES Nintendo when i was 7 or 8. I really, really wanted it but didn’t even ask for it, I thought it was out of the realm of Santa’s abilities.

What did you for your Christmas dinner, what would the dream luncheon be like?

It was a Christmas at mine, cooked all of the dinner with my girlfriend and then just relaxed, i’m all about chilled out minimum stress on Christmas day. Dream dinner would be the same, pretty much, just with someone else making food in my kitchen for me.

What records did you play most over the holiday period?

Deftones ‘White Pony’
Low ‘Christmas’
George Harrison ‘All Things Must Pass’

So, any new year resolutions?

Make more music at home. Release more tapes on Suplex Cassettes than I did in 2011 and hope that Sauna Youth put out an LP, i’m more excited about that band than any other. (and so are we!)

Everyone knows about Fair Ohs hardcore roots, their love for Black Flag and crushing beats but since their landing in 2010 Fair Oh’s have become a mainstay of the UK music scene. Prolific in terms of output, I truly expect them to release a raft of vinyl and tape over 2012. If you get the chance, see them, touch them, they are worth it.