Magic Book of Nightmares Opening Show


The Magic Book of Nightmares is a chronicle of bad nights, a diary of the worst times. To celebrate its release we threw a party at new studio gallery Scawfell Street in East London. We had free drinks, creepy prints, terrifying paintings and everyone, somehow, had a fun time!

Work on display from Luke Pelletier, Marc Martin, Mariana Moyses, James Clapham, Philip Morgan, Ohara Hale, Brooke Olsen, Sam Ailey, Eyeball Comix, Stu Ross, Josh Wiley, Sheryo and the Yok, Chaos Vs Cosmos, Juliana Futter, Dillon Froelich, Nick Alston, Will Daw, Dazeray and Jangojim

Below are a few photos from the event. COME TO OUR NEXT ONE BUDDY!


show view

murray paint


james burgess

daisy paint