Ancient Egyptians! Exhibition

From November 7th 2013
at Scawfell Street Studios

Belly Kids are finishing off 2013 with a show based on the ever awesome Ancient Egyptians – running through The Gods, The Goddesses, The Myths, The Rituals, The Icons, The People and Their Dreams. Free drinks are, of course, available on the opening! Come, have a drink and see some great art!

As usual we’ll be having a mixture of art on show – Prints, Paintings, 3D Cut Outs, Ceramics, Tee Shirts, Pillow Cases, Masks and Sticker Packs. This is going to be our most immersive yet! You’ll see Egyptian society, from night to day, under the drunken gaze of the Belly Kids gang.


Nick Alston , Patrick Kyle, Joan Vasquez, Dominic Owen, Grace Helmer, Charlotte Mei, Jon Boam, Idiot’s Pasture, Michael Hsiung, Joseph Harmon, Idiot’s Pasture, Dazeray, Ohara Hale, Philip Morgan, Bridget Meyne, Annu Kilpelainen, Ruby Taylor, Jack Taylor, Tristan Lathey, Julianna Futter, James Burgess, Sean Morris, Dan Singer, Matthew Daniel Swan, Sophie Alda, Laura Gee, Rachel Harwood, Stu Ross, Kamal Rasool. Dominic Kesterton, Thomas Slater, Joseph Prince, Josh Wiley and more!

Egyptians by Charlotre Mei

Ra Boat

Ka by Idiot's Pasture

Egypt by Dominic Owen