You Cheated

60+ Illustrated Stickers
In Praise Of Classic Gaming
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In dedication to a life time sat on the couch, entrenched in-front of the screen beating bosses and smashing through levels like a pro. Belly Kids asked some of our favourite illustrators and artists to put their spin on games from Nintendo, Sega, Capcom and more!

Oh the memories Donkey King, Sonic, Half Life, Spyro The Dragon, Street Fighter, Paperboy, Parappa The Rapper, Kirby… The best and most awesome are featured and you can peel the designs off and stick the on your lunchbox, laptop, best friend or local pub toilet…

The official release is later this Spring but all orders will be promptly shipped with extra Belly Kids goodies!

You Cheated Front Cover

Metal Slug by Guy Field

Sonic by Dan Woodger