Thrill Murray

A Colouring Book Based on Bill Murray
The Greatest Man of Cinema
Available Now for £5

William James “Bill” Murray has been a staple of the international movie screen for over 30 years. He’s captured our heart in a handful of roles bringing a dead humour and self reflecting gaze. Think Lost in Translation, The Life Aquatic and Groundhog Day

Working alongside a bunch of amazing illustrators from around the globe we’ve put together a colouring book dedicated to the great one’s image! Be you young, old, middle aged, bored, hyped or mildly interested then this book is definitely for you! Smudge between the lines, fill the sexy man up to the top.

logan fitzpatrick

Hattie Stewart

thrill murray belly kids

Over 20 images of Bill Murray span this A4 book. The outlines come with a ready colour’d in, art print on the left hand side. Illustrators involved include Nicholas Stevenson, Anneka Lange, Murray Somerville, Donald Ely, Hattie Stewart, Bridget Meyne, Tobias Hall, Rich Fairhead, Mary Cheung, Mary-Louise Plum,Logan Fitzpatrick, Catherine Askew, Michael Kilkelly, Brooke Olsen, Chris Arrowsmith, Jaypee Murray, James Burgess, Thomas Key, Nathan Dirienzo, Beth Harris and Mya Munnelly