Sister Like You

Profiles of Women Rulers in History
9 Stories and Illustrations throughout

Jade Coles looks back at some of the most fierce females in Ancient History, breaking down their stories to a digestible, radical level. Profiles on the likes of Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great, Empress Dowager Cixi and many others! Click Here for a little preview!

Over 50 pages of witty story telling splattered throughout by awesome illustrations! We have some absolutely ace artists in this book – Ellie Andrews, Alice Tye, Kaye Blegvad, Donya Todd, Charlotte Trounce, Brigid Deacon, Greg Ketsel Molly Askey-Goldbury, Ana Galvan and Bradford Haubrich.

Support good art and celebrate some of the baddest women in Ancient History. Launch at Lik+Neon coming up! And all pre-orders will be shipped before May with a few extra Belly Kids goodies.

Sister Like you by Ellie Andrews

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