Milhouse From Memory

Over 100 Drawings of Milhouse Van Houten
Drawn from memory and nothing else
Collected together by Kieran Gabriel
PREORDER HERE (shipped in May)

Kieran Gabriel is just like you and me, he’s straight down the line obsessed with The Simpsons. For this ace new project he has asked friends, illustrators and chums over the internet to draw Milhouse Van Houten from memory, without any reference and to send in their images!

This A5 book is a collection of those images ranging from the terrifying to the terrific. Featured illustrators including Jean Jullien, Olly Moss, Ping Zhu, Rose Blake, Ben Sears, Ryan Humphrey, Brian Butler and many more! Jumbled in between the pages of purely blissful Milhouse’s from us amateurs.

You can be a part of this project too! (oh yeah you can) Simply render a portait of Milhouse in black and white and send it to Kieran at but be quick!!



Gemma Batten