Magic Book of Nightmares

Illustrated Guide to the Creepy and Weird
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Up at the dead of night, sweat stained sheets, heart beating a trillion times a minute… does this sound all too familiar? Well Belly Kids have teamed up with 16 illustrators to explore their worst dreams and asked what keeps them up at night!

The Magic Book of nightmares is a chronicle of bad nights, a diary of the worst times. Each image is a disgusting A3 illustration splattered over the double A4 spread of the book. Prepared to be scared! we have everything from the cosmic to the creepy.

Work from Luke Pelletier, Marc Martin, Mariana Moyses, James Clapham, Philip Morgan, Ohara Hale, Brooke Olsen, Sam Ailey, Eyeball Comix, Stu Ross, Josh Wiley, Sheryo and the Yok, Chaos Vs Cosmos, Juliana Futter, Dillon Froelich and Jangojim

5. Nightmares by Ohara Hale

13. Juliana Futter

0. Magic Book of Nightmares by Luke Pelletier